Welcome To Gorilla Moon (GMOON) is the new meme coin that's taking the Smart Chain world by storm.

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Gorilla Moon (GMOON) is the new meme coin that's taking the Smart Chain world by storm.
Built on the trusted foundation of FEG TOKEN, GMOON comes with an automatic burn mechanism that ensures a continuously decreasing token supply, leading to higher value and potential gains for investors.
With all-time-highs being hit left and right, and a strong community of dedicated investors, it's no wonder that GMOON might just be the next million-dollar market cap coin.

Join the Gorilla Moon revolution today!

Contract Address


Supply: 690,000,000,000

To commemorate GMOON’s “best trade ever” by matching the $PEPE total supply


Allocation: 100% is going into liquidity at Pancakeswap

No Presale

No Presale: $GMOON will be a free and fair launch for the crypto communtiy.


Developing Tax


Ownership Renounced/LP Burnt: The contract will be renounced shortly after launch. It belongs to the people. The LP will be burned.

Max Wallet

Max Wallet: 2%/ Max TX: 1% - No one wallet holder can hold more than 2% of the $GMOON supply at any time. A further measure of a 1% buy restriction has been put in place to prevent centralisation of the supply.


Our steps to success.

Phase 1

  • Token fair launch
  • CoinGecko/Coinmarketcap Listings
  • Community Building
  • Website 1.0
  • 1000+ Holders
  • $GMOON take off

Phase 2

  • Community Partnerships
  • Website 2.0
  • Establish a powerful community across social media
  • 5000+ Holders
  • $GMOON in space

Phase 3

  • T1 Exchange Listings 100,000+ holders
  • $GMOON partnerships
  • Multi-Chain $GMOON
  • CEX Listings 10,000+holders
  • $GMOON to the the moon
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